Rev. Vincent Russo

Witch, Stregone Mago. Tarot Reader

Professional Tarot Consultations

Vinnie doesn't "pull punches" or "sugar-coat the truth" - he tells it how it is. His natural gift of empathy lets him truly connect to his clients to provide caring, honest, and intuitive solutions and he conveys the knowledge in a positive manner.

Vinnie is available for private consultations over the phone or in person. For more information or to make an appointment visit the tarot page.

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My Spiritual Practices

  • I am an Initiate and Elder of the Chthonioi-Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca as well as the more conservative "BTW" Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca.
  • I am also an Initiate and Stregone Mago (Elder) of the Strega Tradition (Sicilian/Italian Craft).
  • As a member of La Vecchia Religione, the Craft, my spiritual and religious practices revolve around the reverence and worship of "the Old Gods", the Goddess God.
  • In addition, I have a special interest in the development of nature contacts, such as those forces typified by the spirits and minor divinities of Greek and Italian mythology – specifically, Lare, Lasa, and Manes/Ancestors.

My Most Recent Blog

Burden of proof is on the claimant

Burden of proof is on the claimant.  Simply put, this means that if you claim something as factual, then it is up to you to provide proof when questioned about it.(* see below)

I am a moderator in a group (Hellenic Pagan) on FaceBook.  Generally, folks are fairly well behaved and have quite intelligent discussions even when they disagree.  However, recently a self-professed expert disagreed with several members and launched personal attacks (including racist attacks).  This is not proper adult behavior.  When called on it, he attempted to be all dramatic and indignant but I closed the door on that shit and banned him.  Of course, he attempted to threaten and intimidate me via private message – more the fool him.

Just because someone questions you is no reason to take  it as a personal attack. If you make claims, you will have to prove them to the satisfaction of your audience – or go elsewhere.


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